How Journalling Helped Us

How Journalling Helped Us

Journaling is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that has many benefits. A lifestyle that should be adopted by everyone to create a more mindful and happy life. 

Journaling is simply writing down our thoughts, feelings and experiences to understand them more clearly. 

It provides perspective on our day to day life and it lets us work through our everyday life objectively. 

But it can mean so much more. It can be a place to explore our ever brewing ideas of ourselves, the lives we want to lead, the world or new ventures. A place where we can work towards becoming our best versions. A place for mindfulness and growth. 

“A personal journal is an ideal environment in which to become. It is a perfect place for you to think, feel, discover, expand, remember, and dream.” Brad Wilcox

We all lead busy lives with a never ending list of things to-do but we can always spare 10-20 minutes a day to spend with ourselves through journaling. In the beginning, it can be slightly challenging to establish a new habit, but the long term benefits are magnificent. 

Making journaling an everyday habit has many benefits. Today we are going to share with you 5 powerful benefits of keeping a journal.

1. Manifestations:

Journaling is an amazing tool to help us observe what we greatly desire and put it down on paper. This can be done through everyday affirmations or simply writing down in detail what we are looking for. The more we write about something, the more we align our energies with what we truly desire. The act of journaling what we want, subconsciously changes our internal dialogue and makes us take small actions towards materializing our vision. 

2. Increases confidence exponentially:

When we journal we think through our everyday life - emotions, feelings, choices, challenges, etc. With each passing day we understand ourselves better, which gives a major boost in our confidence. An improved self awareness helps us recognise our strengths and weaknesses and puts us in control of our actions. Practicing affirmations in our journal is also a great way to increase self confidence. 

3. Helps Reflect:

As we go through our everyday life, our minds are racing with new thoughts or emotions every passing minute. This does not allow us enough time to properly process all the information within. When we sit down to journal and turn off all the distractions, we create a space to slow down our thoughts, which lets us break it down and understand them better. 

4. Relieves Stress:

The current lifestyle we adopt can be very stressful, the repercussions of which we constantly face in the light of burnouts, blood pressure, etc. To achieve inner peace, we have to sort through our thoughts, feelings, challenges and emotions to better handle our demanding lifestyle. When we write in a journal, we are allowing ourselves to objectively look at situations and better understand our feelings and emotions. Writing it down also helps us identify situations being better than what we had earlier imagined in our head. 

5. Improves Health:

Our mental and physical wellbeing are strongly interconnected, where each can have a massive effect on the other. Consistent everyday journaling helps us work through everyday challenges. This helps in reducing the overall stress levels we constantly face, and is known to lower blood pressure and symptoms of asthma. 

Everyday journaling is a great tool to help you think through situations from a different perspective. 

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