Feeling Tired? Us As Well

Feeling Tired? Us As Well

This new found, hopefully short lived life has changed everything for people all around the world. This has enhanced our primal emotions (fear, anxiety, loneliness, hopelessness) and made us suffer from the “pandemic fatigue”. The most challenging part of this journey is the uncertainty we’re all facing about when we’ll be able to do the things that we most cherish. Though, with the announcement of a vaccine hope is closer that ever and we have 5 ways we suggest would help until life, as we once knew it, comes back.

1. Limit Your News Intake:

It is important to be informed of the matters all around the world but our minds and bodies were not designed to have real time updates of all events all around the world. Though the internet can be a wonderful thing, it’s constant overload of negative news zaps our energy and gives us a distorted world view where we think everything around us seems to be getting worse. Remember, the news only reports the most dramatic events around the world and the small but really substantial developments of how the world is improving is usually ignored. Be informed but limit your intake and cap your consumption of news to less than a hour a day for your mental peace

2. Practice Gratitude:

Ironically, things we used to think about least are the things that are most providing us relief. The comfort of our four walls, the presence of our family members, the food we eat and most importantly our good health. It is now that we feel the value of small things and it is now that we must leen into these things and acknowledge the role they’ve played in getting us through these uncertain times. A grateful perspective is imperative to sustain, energize and ultimately bring hope into our lives. Most importantly, this is a free mindfulness practice that helps us cope with anxiety and uncertainty by focusing on things we value most. So start small and try to write down three things that you’re grateful for each day to end the day on a positive note. Not everyday is necessarily a good day but there is something good in each day, write that down

3. Make a List of Mood Shifters:

Mood shifters could be anything that could change your feelings in a snap. It might be beautiful memories, future bucket list events, funny moments, nature, the people you love or anything that makes you cherish your time on earth. Once you have a list of these mood shifters you can easily reference this list whenever you find yourself angry, frustrated or deflated. Focus on one of these items and see your mood change. Different things will shift your mood at different times so it’s important to have many to reference, as some will not work at certain times. It only takes a minute of two to shift your mood and allow yourself to have a great rest of the day

4. Connect with Others:

This may be the hardest thing to do in a world where our survival requires us to stay apart. Though nothing comes close to physical interaction, we’re living in a world that has the tools for  bridge that distance. Lean in closer to your friends and family even if they may be physically apart from you. Video call them, chat with them on social media and try to continue to foster those meaningful relationships. To find out what makes people happy, Harvard conducted a research study that spanned over decades. They tracked their sophomore class of 1938 over their entire lifetimes and found out that the number one quality of life satisfaction was in their relationships and sense of community. So cherish your relationships and let the people you love know how much they mean to you. In times of great stress such as this, this becomes even more important 

5. Exercise:

This may be the most important thing you can do for your brain as well as your body in this pandemic. Exercise has been long known to alleviate stress and anxiety and also release Endorphins which are hormones that release a feel good factor in your body. Did we also mention that it helps you stay in shape? Even if you are unable to venture out of your house there are plenty of in house exercise programs that will help you stay in shape. While exercise is already crucial in normal circumstances, it becomes essential in today’s world. Let’s keep our bodies moving and alleviate the stress of the outer world

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So true and beautifully penned. We tend to forget to express our gratitude and count our blessings. And in these times, people have become used to living in their own space and it’s important to connect with others…

Shalini Behani

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