Shivain Sacheti, Co-Founder

Hey! My name is Shivain and I'm one of the Mindbrush co-founders!

I was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan but I've found "home" in quite a few different places. Having spent the majority of my childhood in Bangkok, Thailand to studying in the US at Purdue University.

Outside of working on Mindbrush, you'll either see me playing with my doggo, eating, obsessing over Coldplay or sweating over the result of a tennis/football match (not good for stress levels tbh).

Akanksha Agarwal, Co-Founder

I was in 5th grade when I was gifted my first journal and in 6th grade when I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur (Coincidence? okay maybe!). Over the years, I explored many different styles of journalling and it became my safe space.

Besides obsessing over work, I love traveling, photography, painting and doing anything creative. I am a dyslexic dreamer (and doer). Eventually I hope to spread awareness and celebrate dyslexia.

Our mission is to enable you to take charge of your own happiness, through taking care of your mind

We embrace our community

We will continue to listen, understand and empathize with our community so that we may better serve them.

We create products that align with our mission

Products are carefully curated so that people are able to cultivate the habit of self-care and happiness.

Giving back to causes in need

We will donate 1% of our sales towards organizations that help people take care of their well-being.