Prioritize your self-care with the Mindbrush Journal

We've made journaling easy and effective. This gratitude journal will boost your happiness, reduce stress, and make you feel more positive and grateful every day.


Like your teeth, your mind deserves a daily brush

Your mind is the most important tool you have. We want to help you keep it sharp with this gratitude journal so you can make smarter decisions.

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Where self-care meets self-growth

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Here's how it works:

new self-care topics everyday

Get new self-care topics everyday

Filled with new bite sized nuggets of knowledge everyday, we push you to not just gain a new perspective or regime but to reflect, implement and grow.

Reclaim Balance Over Your Life

Reclaim Balance Over Your Life

In a perfect world, we would be equally satisfied and happy with all areas of our lives. Yet generally, this is not the case. We have excercises to help you feel more centered in all aspects of your life


What some of our customers are saying:


How long does it take to use?

Ans. The journal is designed to be read and filled out extremely quickly, at approximately 5 minutes a day

What makes this different from other gratitude journals?

Ans. Unlike most journals that have the same format each day, Mindbrush journal explores new topics and introspective prompts on each day of the journal. Since we spend most of our time inside our minds, we believe in taking care of our minds as a means to our happiness. Through different ideas, activities, mindset shifts etc., the journal will help you foster better mental talk with yourself each day - through a process of trial and error

Is this a productivity planner?

Ans. No. This self-care journal is built to help you cultivate a habit of taking care of your mind. It is not meant to be a work related planner

How many days long is the journal?

Ans. The journal contains 20 pages of introductory reading (optional) and 66 days of content. 66 days was chosen as research from the European Journal of Social Psychology indicates that this is how long it takes to build a new habit.

What if I don't like the journal?

Ans. We have a 66 day return policy, no questions asked! Please reach out to us at with your order details