Our Secret Holiday Recipe

Our Secret Holiday Recipe


The most awaited time every year, holiday seasons, are now behind us. We are packing up the festivities and diving deep into the first work week of the new year. Like most of us, we are ready to take on this week with new found energy and hope. 

This got us thinking, why wait an entire year or a few times around the year to feel this way? What about the holiday seasons make it so special? What makes the holiday seasons a time we all await eagerly? 

Is it the time off? The amazing deals at our favorite retails stores? Or the beautiful festivities around town?

While all these might contribute a little bit, it made us want to dig deeper, find the underlying reasons and discover the true spirit of the holiday season. We believe that no matter what holiday you celebrate (Diwali, Eid, Christmas, New Years, etc.), there is a common spirit that runs through it all. The spirit of togetherness, gratitude, love, hope, kindness and warmth. We call this the magic of the holiday season.

On the surface we are tricked into believing that it’s all about time off, discounts and countless other superfluous things. But when the fog lifts, we see the true magic unveiled. We feel the magic when we see our loved ones enjoying our gift. We feel the magic when we spend hours together with friends and family laughing till our tummies hurt. We feel the magic when we look past the fog and take the time to appreciate all the small and big things in our lives together. 

The secret Mindbrush family recipe to capturing the magic of holiday seasons and carrying it with us throughout the year, is below:

1. Bowl Full of Gratitude:

Holiday seasons give us the time to pause and reflect on our current lives, from a “glass is half full” perspective. It gives us the space to lift our otherwise buried-in-work head, to smell the flowers. We consciously find things to be grateful for, which increases our happiness exponentially. A bowl that was empty is now full of gratitude. Don’t exhaust this bowl through the year, make sure you take the time out to fill it consistently and maintain a full one. 

2. Mixed with Connection:

We all lead fast paced busy lives where we are in a constant rush. In this rush we often turn into mechanical robots. Holidays provide the space for us to slow down and really connect by spending quality time with the people around us and those far away. Whether that’s over lunch, dinner, bake off or game night, it’s the memories, conversations and connection that we carry in our heart. To enjoy this feeling throughout the year, it’s important to get off our phones and consciously take time out for our loved ones and make new memories. This next year, let’s pledge to go the extra mile and connect with those that matter.

3. Pinch of Hope:

This time of the year, we all pay a lot of emphasis on reflection - reflecting on the events in the past year or months, work goals, personal goals and so much more. This reflection gives us hope that we can push and achieve everything we want. But sometimes, it doesn’t and that’s okay too. When that happens go back a few steps and make sure to fill your bowl first, fill it with everything you are grateful for. 

4. Sprinkle with Kindness:

Any holiday we celebrate, we are always taught to be thoughtful and kind. If we all carry these values with us not just for one season, but for the entire year around, we could be colouring and brightening up the lives of so many more people and with that, our own. Small gestures like volunteering, giving a compliment, helping someone with their bags in a grocery store, etc, can go a long way by creating a massive ripple effect. 

5. Bind with Coziness:

The lights, the smell of freshly baked cookies, a cup of hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) - immediately uplift our mood. It makes us feel cozy, relaxed and happy. We can have this feeling of coziness throughout the year by creating pockets of spaces around our homes. We can do this by having a no phone policy at the table, so we can enjoy a fun meal with our family, making it a space where we all connect and share memories. We can also put up fairy lights, fluffy pillows or blankets to make our space more cozy. But the important thing is to feel the coziness and warmth in our hearts, which can only happen when we feel truly connected and at home. 

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