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Mindbrush Journal

Mindbrush Journal

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Self-Care is a habit that deserves to be nurtured. The Mindbrush journal will help you create, build and maintain this new habit for a happier you.

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THE 10-Second Summary

🥼The Mindbrush Journal is a research-based gratitude journal that will help you make mental wellness a core part of your self-care routine

✍️Reflect on a new self-care theme daily

🌱Relieve Stress/Anxiety in just a few minutes every day through different introspective prompts that will help you build an awesome relationship with yourself

Why it works

This gratitude journal gives you various research-based activities to build self-care. Not only will you get content that will help you improve your inner state but through this journal, you will also be at peace with the world around you. This journal is a mentor, accountability partner and educator all at once.

🔥Unique Content Curated for YOU

Each day, you’ll find new bite-sized and actionable content that will help you develop different ways to foster self-care.

🔬 Research Based

The content here has been inspired by the most prestigious institutions and thought leaders in the world of mindfulness.

🌄Space for Reflection

Not only do you get daily content, but there is also enough space for you to learn, reflect and implement your knowledge.

Community Reviews

How is it created

The gratitude journal is 8.5” tall, 5.8” wide, and .8” thick and fits easily in most bags. It’s built with beautifully crafted synthetic leather. The inside pages are 80 GSM that mantains the perfect combination of thickness of the paper while still keeping it light and easy to carry.

Shipping & Returns

All packages are shipped directly from Jaipur, Rajasthan and are processed and shipped in 2-3 business days.

We offer FREE SHIPPING for domestic orders (pan India). Orders will reach you in approximately 5-14 days.

There are also no additional charges except the journal price for domestic orders.

We also offer international shipping. They can take approximately 7-18 days. Shipping, taxes and other charges will be added as per order for international orders.

We have a 66 day money back guarantee under any condition, guaranteed (does not apply to the factory seconds edition)

Why? We create tools for a happier you and genuinely wish that the products have a positive impact on your life. We have created each product after intensive research and with a lot of love and care. We truly hope to create an impact in the world and would only want you to be 100% happy with the investment you have made.

How do I return my order?

1. Email us at
2. Include your order number, name and item you wish to return
3. We will then confirm the return shipment with you

In any case of a defective or damaged journal please email Once we receive the Journal from you, we'll inspect it and inform you of the next steps.

*Please note that unless the journal is damaged or defective, we do not provide free returns or a refund on the shipping charges


Q. How long does it take to use?

Ans. The journal is designed to be read and filled out extremely quickly, at approximately 5 minutes a day

Q. What makes this different from other gratitude journals?

Ans. Unlike most journals that have the same format each day, Mindbrush journal explores new topics and introspective prompts on each day of the journal. Since we spend most of our time inside our minds, we believe in taking care of our minds as a means to our happiness. Through different ideas, activities, mindset shifts etc., the journal will help you foster better mental talk with yourself each day - through a process of trial and error

Q. Is this a productivity planner?
Ans. No. This self-care/ gratitude journal is built to help you cultivate a habit of taking care of your mind. It is not meant to be a work related planner

Q. How many days long is the journal?
Ans. The gratitude journal contains 20 pages of introductory reading (optional) and 66 days of content. 66 days was chosen as research from the European Journal of Social Psychology indicates that this is how long it takes to build a new habit.

Q, What if I don't like the journal?

Ans. We have a 66 day return policy, no questions asked! Please follow the return procedures in the return section

Bulk/Corporate Orders

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What's the science behind it?

The Mindbrush Journal incorporates over 50+ research studies in the science of happiness, gratitude and well-being.

You can download the list of books, studies and research materials that have gone into the creation HERE

  • Reduce stress and anxiety

    Journaling can help you organize your thoughts, unclutter your mind and gain perspective on your life.

  • Nurture critical thinking

    Writing in a journal about the problems you are facing will help you access different parts of your brain and find unique solutions.

  • Regain balance over your life

    Recapture control and give adequate time and attention to all areas of your life. From body/health to business/profession.

  • Cultivate gratitude & positive thinking

    Express your emotions by writing in a journal. It creates a safe space for your negative emotions to pass.

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